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ONES Phone Number API


  • These services are developed get updated details of phonenumbers.
  • The result is in JSON and valid-flag signifies whether phonenumber is valid or not i.e. 1 or 0 respectively.
  • Number can be provided in any format i.e. with spaces, characters etc.
  • Phonenumber’s Length must be within range of 4 to 20.
GitHub Repo: libphonenumber-api


Getting Phonenumber’s Information

Phone Number


Phonenumber’s Type

{"type": "FIXED_LINE_OR_MOBILE", "valid-flag": 1}

Phonenumber’s Country Code

{"countrycode": "45", "valid-flag": 1}

Phonenumber’s National Significant Number

{"nsn": "32160398", "valid-flag": 1}

Phonenumber’s Country’s ISO Code

ISO Code in 2 Alphabets

{"iso": "DK", "valid-flag": 1}

ISO Code in 3 Alphabets

{"iso": "DNK", "valid-flag": 1}

Phonenumber’s Regional Operator

{"operator": "Telenor", "valid-flag": 1}
Note: Operator’s Names are available in different languages with param i.e. operator-en, operator-fr, operator-it, operator-de.

Phonenumber’s Country

{"country": "Denmark", "valid-flag": 1}

Phonenumber’s Location

{"country": "Denmark", "valid-flag": 1}
Note: Location Names are available in different languages with param i.e. location-en, location-fr, location-it, location-de.

Phonenumber’s TimeZone

{"timezone": ["valid-flag": 1}

All details in JSON

 "phonenumber": "4532160398",
 "code": "45",
 "nsn": "32160398",
 "typeid": "FIXED_LINE_OR_MOBILE",
 "operator": "Telenor",
 "iso3": "DNK",
 "iso2": "DK",
 "country": "Denmark",
 "timezone": ["Europe/Copenhagen"]("Europe/Copenhagen"],),
 "is_validnumber": true,
 "is_validnumberforRegion": true,
 "is_possiblenumber": true

Phone Number FORMATs

E164 Format


Without E164 Format


National Format

32 16 03 98

International Format

+45 32 16 03 98

Verifying Phonenumber

{"valid-flag": 1}

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